Our Story

What we do here at ThomasTheVegan is work to create a better understanding of the vegan lifestyle, and grow together as a comunity. Our readers don’t have to be vegan to enjoy our content. Being vegan is about developing love, empathy and compassion; and we want to share that with the world.

Our blog is about introducing and cultivating the vegan lifestyle for those that are curious or underexposed. Theres a great deal of confusion out there as to what ‘being a vegan’ actually means. Its easy to find out what vegans eat; a quick web search will lead you there. ThomasTheVegan is here to expose you to what vegans live. The fact of the matter is, being vegan is so much more than what we decide to put on our plate. Living a vegan lifestyle is about boosting your energy, staying happy, healthy and being conscious and respectful to the environment and animals.

We’re building a personal lifestyle brand that will redefine how the world connects with vegans. By utilizing this blog as a platform, we document our experiences as they unfold for readers to grow and learn with us together.

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