How to convince others you’re going vegan.

In some cases, the only thing holding you up from going vegan is the perceptions of others. No worries, we’ve got you covered. 

Going vegan is a big deal , and the transition can bring about a lot of changes in your life.  Suddenly, you start seeing things differently; you gain a greater sense of compassion for the Earth and a great deal of empathy for animals. Going vegan can be a beautiful and eye opening experience. But the truth is, a lot of people in your life will simply not understand your stance when it comes to animal cruelty and your views on how animal agriculture has negative effects on our health and the environment. We get it, going vegan can really make things a lot less convenient  , and the fact of the matter is that your friends and family are going to take notice. Some people will support your decision, and for others it may be harder to get them to accept your seemingly sudden change. Heres how to reassure them, and help keep them off your back a little.

Its about personal growth 

Let them know that life should be about evolving as a person and striving to grow better and stronger and an individual. Tell them something like “Im doing this for myself” and let them know that its ok if they don’t necessarily understand or agree. Its important to express to them that just because you no longer support animal cruelty, it does’t mean that you cannot be friends or have to bump heads. Always treat others with respect and demand that they treat you the same way.

Let them know that you care about the environment and (all) animals

Let them know that you care about animal suffering and the negative impact that animal agriculture has on the environment. It helps to bring up the fact that although you personally, may not be able to change the world through your new vegan way of living; you are in fact making a small difference by no longer financing an industry that makes profits from the exploitation of the voiceless and helpless.

Explain that you wish to live in alignment with your morals

We all can agree that animal abuse and cruelty is wrong and completely immoral. Most of us can’t stomach watching a video of animals being abused or mistreated. We know in our hearts that abusing animals is sick, mean and disgusting.

When explaining to your friends, family or significant other your reasoning for going vegan, let them know that by doing so you are living in line with your belief that innocent animals do not deserve abuse or prolonged suffering directly inflicted by humans. In this scenario, you can say something like “I don’t believe that I should continue to justify eating meat just because its convenient, or because we feel like it tastes good”.  It also always helps to bring up the fact that we don’t need animal products to live a happy and healthy live; we can get all of what we need from the vast variety of fruits and vegetables that are out there as well as the massive about of vegan alternative products available.


Theres many things you can say to convince others to ease up on you when it comes to your decision to go vegan. But remember, ultimately going vegan is for you and no one else. So it really won’t matter what anyone thinks or says about it. Most of the time, the vegan naysayers in your life will grow to accept your lifestyle change by starting to associate veganism with your personality and before long, it will become water under the bridge. To be honest, once people see that you are completely serious and confident in your vegan journey, they are usually impressed by your commitment to a cause that you feel so passionately about.





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