What Is Earth Day?

Happy earth day! We all have heard the saying, but what is Earth Day really about? 

“the average person generateres around 185 pounds of plastic a year”

Earth day is a day designed to raise awareness as well as improve efforts pertaining to environmental protection. And its not just about some scientists nagging either! Earth Day is about ginuinly having love and compassion for the planet and animals. The reality is throughout our day to day lives, most of us often forget about our impact on the planet and the environment. Did you know that the average person generates around 185 pounds of plastic a year? Seriously think about that for a second. Plastic is not biodegradable meaning that it can not decompose into the ground and soil; meaning it stays there and clutters up our planet. Heres another interesting fact, a single cow drinks around 25 gallons of water daily, and lactating cows need twice as much water as cows that are not lactating. Not to mention, cows require around 27 pounds of grain per day as well. Thats in the ballpark of 9,125 pounds of water and 9,855 pounds of grain A YEAR for a SINGLE COW! OH NO!

My point?

Animal agriculture has become unnecessary for us to live happy and healthy lives. The fact is, we could use the TONS and TONS of water and grains used in unnessesary animal agriculture to feed the starving people of the world. The only real reason we consume meat is simply because most of us feel that the taste is pleasing to us. But the truth is, vegan foods are better for us, does not require the torture and slaughter of innocent animals, and in my personal opinion; tastes WAY better than meat!LOVEACOW_ANDPICSo please, on this day and everyday, lets be mindful of our impact on the environment and work hard to be considerate of our animal friends and family that we share this earth with. Go plant based , save lives and save the environment.

We love you all.

And again, Happy earth day friends.



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