Ask a vegan : Banana Bill

Banana Bill is a social media influencer and YouTuber that is changing the way people see vegan living. Bill has a way of making veganism easy and super appealing. To put it simply, Banana Bill and his brand are fresh, imaginative and always dope. In his world, unique pop culture references and social commentary combine and take precedence; to create a personalized perspective on the plant based, cruelty-free sub culture. We caught up with Bill to dive further into his thoughts on life, his current projects and veganism. FullSizeRender-3


TTV: Tell us a bit about yourself 

BB: I am Banana Bill and my individuality is defined by my energy, my creativity, my intellectual curiosity, and my refusal to accept the norm.

TTV: How did you discover the vegan lifestyle?

BB: My sister! I remember she started being vegan to lose weight. Her taking that responsibility for her health inspired me to take care of mine as well.

TTV: What do you like most about being vegan? 

BB: I love the fact that this is the simplest and yet effective way to fight animal cruelty and puts me in a path to have a positive impact on the environment. Veganism has shown me that actions speak louder than words. Many people say they love animals but eat meat, many people shame the Chinese for eating dogs while eating pork and chicken. It does not make any sense. These flaws in society need to be corrected.FullSizeRender-2

TTV: Does it ever bother you that a lot of people don’t understand veganism? We feel that for some people, the concept is harder to grasp. 

BB: The concept is easy but I think some people are reluctant to change. Veganism is new to a lot of people so that’s why I take responsibility in educating and informing everyone. That’s why I have been making YouTube videos, sharing my daily routines will inspire and show how easy it is go vegan.

TTV: What’s the most difficult aspect of being vegan? 

BB: The most difficult would be convenience.  One of my passions is traveling, I worry at times that I might be in an area that might not accommodate to my lifestyle.

TTV: Your twitter is dope. Really legendary stuff. What are your thoughts on how social media can influence the way society views vegan living?

BB: Everyone has seen the power of social media, a great platform to see the truths that occur in our modern-day world. More people are seeing slaughterhouse videos and they are disgusted and shocked. Videos of what is happening to animals influence people to go vegan. No one wants to be associated with an industry that tortures, rapes and murders innocent living beings.bananas3

TTV: How do you think veganism will change in the future? 

BB: Right now, veganism is focused on diet, most identify as vegan based on what they eat. Soon, I see the lifestyle going beyond that with great ideas such as permaculture and natural energy.

TTV: Your videos are really entertaining. Very well done. What was your motivation behind getting started on youtube? 

BB: My motivation is people that want to go vegan, the issue is that they don’t know how or they think it’s expensive. My videos will make it easy for everyone to find places to eat, tricks to buy food for cheap and how to maintain a busy life and still be vegan.

TTV: I gotta ask. Why Bananas? 

BB: Why not bananas?FullSizeRender-4

TTV: Favorite dessert? 

BB: Banana pudding or anything with bananas

TTV: What would be your #1 piece of advice you’d give to someone who wants to go vegan? 

BB: Doing your research would be my #1.  Second piece of advice is to count your macronutrients, eating a plant base diet requires a lot more eating.

TTV: Where can our readers find you online if they want to reach out to you?


Twitter: @bananabill

Instagram: @ BillnyedaveganGuy


TTV: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! We really enjoyed your interview. Are there any final thoughts you would like to add before we come to a close? 

BB: Don’t be afraid to eat, count your macronutrients, don’t be afraid of carbs, drink water, exercise and have a good night rest. Love BananaBill!


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