What is tofu?

What is tofu? The answer might be obvious to some but a lot of people are still under educated about what it actually is, where it comes from, and its nutritional value. 

I totally get it. Upon first impressions, this white jello-like substance can be intimidating or even off-putting to some. Even after taking that first bite, a lot of people can be totally unsure of what their actually experiencing on their tastebuds because of its naturally mild flavor and texture. TOFUTofu is a soy bean curd that can come in many different incarnations and varieties and can also be prepared in almost an endless amount of ways. Tofu first originated in china about 200 years ago and can be found in all sorts of traditional asian dishes. It can vary in density and be used in meals as a meat alternative for added texture and flavor. In addition, tofu (in its most natural state) is an excellent source of protein and amino acids as well as a great provider of iron and calcium. So Its no wonder so many people swear by this stuff.TOFUINCARNATIONIn recent years the popularity of tofu has skyrocketed, entering it into the mainstream circuit. You can find all sorts of tofu based products that act as meat substitutes like pepperoni, deli slices, sausages and burgers. Tofu can be baked, fried, grilled, boiled or even used to make deserts like vegan cheesecake. Basically, the awesome thing about tofu is that because of its mild flavor, it can be easily manipulated and integrated into almost any dish.  One of my personal favorite ways to prepare tofu is to fry it and throw it into a corn tortilla with cilantro and pico de gallo for delicious ‘crispy tofu tacos’. Another one of my favorites is to simply sauté it in a pan with coconut oil and seasoning then add in mushrooms and peppers with add pasta. Quick and easy baby. TOFUcooked



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