Vegans are always hungry!

When it comes to delicious vegan food, we’ve already mentioned how plant based meals can benefit your digestive system. But theres another notable change that eating plant foods can bring and depending on how you look at it, it can be a huge bonus! 

When I first became vegan I couldn’t help but notice that I became constantly hungry. It felt as if my stomach had become a huge bottomless pit! No matter what I ate, I would find myself feeling hungry and ready to eat again just a couple hours later (sometimes even less depending on what I ate). But why was I so hungry?

“I wasn’t eating NEARLY enough.”

The mistake that I was making is one that many make when first transitioning into their new vegan lifestyle. I wasn’t eating NEARLY enough. Thats right, when on a vegan diet it helps to eat food more regularly. This is because food that is plant based is often less dense and lower in calories than their non-vegan counterparts. That being said, foods that contain animal products like meat, cheese and dairy can act as sludge in our bodies while providing little nutritional value after initial digestion.


Long story short, vegan foods typically contain higher nutritional value and are processed very easily by our bodies, leaving our stomaches empty and ready for more in no time flat. This results in hunger and appetite returning much sooner than our meat eating friends. The trick to fix this? Carry some healthy snack foods with you so that you can eat throughout the day and curb your appetite until your next full meal. Not only is this a great way to add some great nutrients to your body while keeping energy levels high; but it also promotes a healthy metabolism and keeps your body machine working at its best! Just make sure you’re carrying the good stuff.



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