Starting out slow.

Life on a vegan diet can be glorious. Since Ive become vegan, Ive gained a new appreciation for food, cooking, myself and the environment. Ive even lost a few unwanted pounds and become healthier and more energized in the process. But It wasn’t  always this way.

pigletAlthough it may be possible for some to quit eating animal products cold turkey, for me it didn’t start out this way.  I spent 8 years as a pescatarian, slowly eliminating milk, eggs and fish along the way until I became vegan. Its best to start out slow and gradually work your way into a dedicated vegan lifestyle. Sometimes, jumping in headfirst can be jarring and even dangerous if you haven’t given your body proper time to adjust.

Here are my top 3 tips for starting out your vegan journey slow and steady.


1. Cut milk first


I promise you, drinking dairy milk is the easiest thing to give up when going vegan. Theres tons of plant based alternatives on the market that are simply amazing. My favorite is almond milk, which tastes fresh, clean, smooth and slightly nutty. I prefer the unsweetened version but you can also find delicious vanilla and chocolate versions too. Leave dairy milk for the calfs baby!


2. Do your research


This is always my #1 tip for anyone going vegan! When starting out slowly, doing some research on your spare time is easy and can make your entire journey a lot smoother! We’re not just talking about the nutritional stuff here, there are also lots of great motivational content out there as well. These are two of our favorite motivational videos here and here .

3. Stock up

It really helps to stock up on some quality vegan food. You’ll never live a happy and healthy vegan lifestyle if you’re still eating the same old crap from before; Its time to start building your very own ‘vegan grocery list’. Often times, vegans that are just starting out have a difficult time because they get hungry and haven’t prepared well enough and end up grabbing non vegan food out of desperation. This is why it’s crucial to keep a small stockpile of vegan food at home to keep you fed and on the right track.


Not everyone starts out slow and sometimes this can be a main reason why transitions into the vegan lifestyle become difficult or fail altogether. Follow these 3 easy tips and you can be miles ahead of many on the beautiful and glorious vegan journey. Remember, sometimes its slow and steady, that wins the race.


3 thoughts on “Starting out slow.

    1. Agreed! We believe that making the transition should be calm, introspective and as natural as possible. One can achieve this by learning as much as they can about the vegan lifestyle from all perspectives, and enjoying great food along the way!

      Thanks a bunch for commenting Hannah! Im glad this post was of some value to you.


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