Ask a vegan : Cam F. Awesome


Join us as we have a talk with the vegan inspirational phenom Cam F. Awesome. 

Cam F. Awesome is a beast of an athlete and an inspiration to many. With such a astronomical list of triumphs and acolades, Its easy to see how and why this man goes by the name ‘awesome’.  As a champion boxer, Cam has won the US title in 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 as well as the Golden Gloves in 2009, 2011 and 2013 as a super heavyweight. Cam has recently shifted his energies from boxing to public speaking and now uses his unyielding passion and unique perspectives to inspire and motivate others. Cam’s spirit is so potent and present that you can feel his truth and intention radiate when he speaks. Its no surprise that Cam has also utilized his speaking talents as fuel, to step on stage as a stand up comedian. It seems as if Cam F. Awesome can do it all and has absolutely no intention of ever slowing down! Our favorite part in all of this? Cam F. Awesome is also VEGAN!

We’re especially exited to have a talk with Cam to learn his personal thoughts on the vegan lifestyle and movement as it pertains to his life and views.

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TTV: Can you share your thoughts on veganism with us?

Cam: My thoughts? Though I would love for the world to be 100% vegan, I’d rather people be 20% than 0%. That’s why I’m not one of those extremist vegans. I love the lifestyle and I would like as many people to join in it as possible but to each its own, right?

TTV: How did you get started on your vegan journey?

Cam: I did the “engine 2” 28 day challenge after losing a bet. I felt so good after I decided to be vegan a little longer. It’s been 5 years.

TTV: From and athletic standpoint, how has living a vegan lifestyle positively effected your performance?

Cam: The inconvenience of it sucks but my athletic performance has improved. My recovery time has improved as well.

TTV: Do you ever have an issue getting enough protein?

Cam: Nope. I don’t count protein. I’m aware of my body enough to know when I need carbs/fats/protein. Many people aren’t in tune with their bodies. I believe protein myths are due to marketing induced fear. There is no reason why someone that walked a mile on their lunch break should consumed a 70g protein shake.

TTV: Whats your favorite meal?

Cam: Chipotle!!! I get the sofritas. Actually, triple sofritas.

TTV: Whats the best part about being vegan?

Cam: The things that I cannot eat. I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I would go to a drive thru every night and be a glutton. With limited options, I must prepare my meals ahead of time and it’s always healthier when I cook it.

TTV: You do a ton of public speaking. Has being vegan positively effected your public speaking career and ability to motivate others?

Cam: I don’t think there is a difference. I do believe there is a slight separation between myself and others when I mention I’m vegan.



TTV: You also do quite a bit of stand up comedy. I think thats really cool. Can you tell us a little about what thats like?

Cam: Stand up is great. I’m not the most Experienced comedian in the world but it’s something I like to do. There is something great about yelling your opinion into a microphone to entertain people then getting your bar tab covered. It’s a great hobby and helps my stage presents with speaking.

TTV: I think that right now, a lot of people are in the dark as to what its like to live vegan. How do you think we can improve the way society views veganism?

Cam: I think vegans should be less judgmental and more welcoming. Posting animal cruelty videos is not the way to get the majority of the world on our side. Throwing red paint on people wearing fur will not get anyone to be more open to the lifestyle.

TTV: What would be your #1 piece of advise you’d give to someone who wants to go vegan?

Cam: Vegan doesn’t mean healthy. I would suggest cutting out drinks besides water and cutting out processed foods.

TTV: Initially you came to us to be a guest on our vegan podcast. Is that still something that you would be interested in being a part of in the future?

Cam: Yeah! I would love to!

TTV: Where can our readers find you online If they want to reach out to you?

Cam: You can find me @CAMFAWESOME on twitter/IG/FB/SC.

Also on my podcast “Awesome Talks” available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and iHeart Radio. here is more details about the perception of vegans and why.

TTV: Thanks you so much for an amazing interview Cam! Are there any final thoughts you would like to add before we come to a close?

Cam: I speak on resiliency with efficiency. Goal setting and time management. I speak to corporations on powerful but simple techniques I use to excel with personal accountability. My keynotes are humor based.

My goal is to speak on a vegan cruise one day.


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