Vegans actually love eating meat!

As Vegans, we love adding as much diversity to our meals as humanly possible. You can find vegans all over social media giving praise to whole, plant foods like potatoes, spinach, all types of fruits, beans, seeds and grains. But sometimes, it can feel like something is missing. Sometimes we crave a little bit more.

“I assure you, as vegans we don’t miss out on the action.” 

When it comes to Food staples, There are certain “go-to’s” that will forever exist as ‘classics’. Hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken and rice. meat and potatoes. These are quick and easy meals that involve meat. The reason these things work so well together is that the smoothness of the non meat items (hamburger buns, rice and potato etc.) complement the textures of the meats perfectly and BOOM! You have yourself an impeccably balanced yet simple, comfort food. But I assure you, as vegans we don’t miss out on the action.


A quick and easy way to balance out any non-meat dish is to simply add a ‘non-meat’, meat! A meatless meat product is a vegan friendly alternative to meat that’s used to help add a savory texture and feel to whatever is on your plate.  “Does it taste like actual meat?” , no. But trust us, thats a good thing. Meat is pretty rancid if you really think about it. Hands down, this stuff tastes better than actual meat. Some of our most favorite meat free products taste clean, rich, savory AND is actually better for your body. This is why so many people have been going vegan lately, Its a win,win! And In 2017, Its getting easy to get your hands on these products where you would normally do your shopping. Its all pretty much at an affordable price too, so its super convenient get a hold of.

Don’t get us wrong, here at ThomasTheVegan we like to view ourselves as purists. But sometimes its nice to throw a few patty’s on the grill and pig out on some nice juicy burgers.



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