The #1 most difficult part about going vegan

No doubt, the most difficult part of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is giving up what you’re used to and things that you have grown to love. But you shouldn’t let that stop you. Anything that has traces of milk, cheese, or any other animal products is now off the list of things you can eat. Some vegans also have chosen to not buy or wear anything made with leather as it is made from the skin of an animal.

“being vegan is about morals and simply doing whats right”

The thing is, being vegan is not easy and its going to take a bit of adjusting to. But the truth is that at its foundation, being vegan is about morals and simply doing whats right. At the end of the day, it is very important for us as humans to empathize with the well-being of all other animals and the rest of the planet. In order to make this world a better place for us to live in, we must try our best to put an end to all needless suffering. We put animals through horrible, long term suffering to get the non-vegan products that we desire. This has to stop. As humans, we need to understand that we CAN live in a word where we don’t cause harm to the other animals and still never miss out on eating and enjoying delicious foods and products.

When it comes to the sacrifices that we must make to live a vegan lifestyle, we must focus on the bigger picture; Its not always about us. Ultimately, we can find new things to replace the animal based products that we choose to give up. When we find and  incorporate new vegan products into our life, we can trust that our desicion will most likely be healthier for us, the planet and the animals we end up saving by not supporting an industry that is based on exploiting animals. These are thoughts that I like to keep in mind as I go about my day to day life. For anyone on a vegan journey, in times of weakness its crucial to remember why you made the decision to go plant-based in the first place. Having a strong foundation to stand on is crucial to your success as a vegan. If you decide to go vegan for superficial reasons your commitment can be easily shattered. However, once you hone in and focus on the real purpose and worldly benefits of a vegan lifestyle creates, giving up a few junk food items here and there will be no biggie.



2 thoughts on “The #1 most difficult part about going vegan

  1. The personal ‘sacrifices’ are not so bad, and after while, living vegan becomes normal, I just don’t see it as a sacrifice anymore (there are so many new things to discover!).
    The difficult part is the realization that billions of animals are suffering on a day to day basis … And being surrounded by people who find this normal.

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    1. Yes! I agree completely Trudi! After the initial decision to become vegan, these things become a norm. Life begin to get so much better as you discover all the truly great things you can eat,make and enjoy. It’s not a sacrifice, it’s more so a way of adding another layer of enjoyment and richness to life.

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