My top 5 tips for going vegan!

Going vegan can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Like many big lifestyle changes, preparation is key. Its important to get your mind right before deciding to cut animal products out of your diet. And once you’ve gotten started on your vegan journey, Its important to not get overwhelmed and stick to the plan. Here are my top 5 tips for going vegan.


There’s plenty of material online that you can use to educate yourself. When it comes to living a plant based lifestyle, watching vegan videos and/or purchasing a good book on veganism can really make the difference between a easy or difficult transition.


To me, being vegan is definitely about having a stronger connection to food. Getting in the kitchen and trying new recipes can help you better understand the food and the plant based lifestyle.


Find out where the vegan crowd hangs out in your city. Visit vegan restaurants. Learning about vegan culture can help you form your own path and understanding in the vegan journey.


See what other vegans are talking about. This can help keep you educated and keep you in touch with the movement. Also, if you have any questions or concerns you can always reach out and seek help from someone a bit more experienced with the journey. For the most part, the vegan community is filled with helpful and caring people that would love to help you overcome some of the hurdles that they have already overcome.


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The most important thing is to never let the fears and negative opinions of others deter you away from living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Being vegan is not hard IF you approach it with maturity and the knowledge you need.

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