Top 10 awesome benefits of being a vegan.

There are things that I personally enjoy about being vegan , but it doesn’t just stop there. As you may have guessed, there are many other upsides to living a vegan lifestyle. When I think of why I decided to go vegan I think of how I’m helping the planet become a better place in addition to all of the amazing benefits a vegan lifestyle gives me. Some of benefits are small, and some are big and life changing. But ultimately, it all depends on the person and what benefits they choose to put emphasis on. Some of these benefits may seem small to you, but I can guarantee that it can be a MAJOR benefit to someone else. Lets jump right into my list of top 10 awesome benefits of being a vegan.

  1. Feeling happier, healthier and lighterhappy-woman-vegetables


    Eating plant foods is easier for your body to digest which helps to improve your overall health. Studies have shown that being healthier can actually lead to a overall better mood and outlook on life.

  2. Eating more creative and ‘artsy’ meals

    Simply put, vegan meals are often times more creative and ‘put together’. Im my experience, vegan chefs have a stronger more passionate connection to the food they make, so they take more care and time into making and preparing meals.

  3. Not harming animals

     This one’s a no brainer and one of the most obvious benefits. Because you are not buying meat or dairy products you are no longer contributing to unnecessary suffering of innocent animal lives. Welcome to the world of compassion.

  4. Helping the environment

    Yes, its true that vegans also help the environment by not eating meat. Im not going to go into details on that here. I encourage you to please do your own research on this if you are interested in learning how the meat industry harms the planet.

  5.  Gaining a new perspective on animals and life in generalo-black-man-in-nature-facebook


    Plain and simple, you begin to see life from a more beautiful perspective. You learn that all living things are one. Living a vegan lifestyle is about happiness and love for yourself and all living beings on earth.

  6. Living with a clear conscience

    Knowing in that back of your mind that no animals had to die or be exploited to create the meal on your plate is totally worth it.

  7. Being forced to eat out less and cook more

    For me this is a MAJOR benefit. Cooking more is a lot of fun, can be more intimate and gives me a reason have a more personal relationship with the foods I eat while learning more about cooking as a life skill.

  8. Meeting other like-minded vegans

    Meeting other people that share your same ideals is always fun and reassuring.

  9. Discovering amazing new foods and restaurants

    It’s like discovering food all over again.

  10. Feeling more connected to life 528431105


    This one ties back into #5 on our list. Vegans begin to feel more connected because we are choosing to empathize with all other living creatures on the planet instead of ignore their suffering. We begin to truly understand that all life is something that should be respected. We must learn to share this planet as one.

When it comes down to it, the benefits of embracing a vegan lifestyle is truly endless. There are so many positive side effects of veganism that I can’t possibly list them all here. This is my personal list and Im sure there are so many other great benefits that I left out. Feel free to contribute to this list with your favorite benefits by dropping a comment or let me know on social media.



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