My first vegan hangover!

A wise man once said, “You can have the sauce and be the boss, but you may also get lost in the sauce”. 

Well let me tell you, he was certainly right about that last part. This weekend I was unfortunate enough to experience my very first hangover as a vegan. A fun night out and having just over ‘one two many’ quickly became me collapsing in my bed and experiencing one of the best nights sleeps a man can ask for. Needless to say, the morning came with a vengeance and I was awoken by one of the worst hangovers I have ever hoped to deal with in my entire life.


The real kicker here, is that I had failed to properly prepare myself. When consuming larger amounts of alcohol, its imperative that you cover all of your bases by being properly nourished and hydrated. Food and water slows down the rate that alcohol is absorbed into your body. Luckily for me, a few hours before the “turn up”, my girl and I had a gotten great meal at a local vegan restaurant. But as Ive mentioned in a previous post, when on a vegan diet ones body will typically digest your food much faster and more efficiently due to the absence of animal products; so by the time I started drinking, my food was basically already gone! Something that I hadn’t even thought to consider, until the morning after.

It all just goes to show you, this vegan lifestyle is a journey and you can learn new things everyday as you go. And like most things we do being vegan can sometimes have a learning curve. Only time can teach you certain lessons in the form of experiences.  Lets just say this weekend, I certainly learned an old lesson that reintroduced itself in a new and revitalized form. That lesson : Make sure your body is well nourished and drink lots of water or suffer the dreaded, ‘Vegan Hangover’.


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