Is being vegan easy?

Ive been vegan for about three months now. Is it easy? Well, yes and no. Just like everything else in life, being vegan takes a bit of effort and has both positive and negative aspects. Being vegan is a beautiful journey plain and simple. But, I suppose instead of asking if being vegan is easy; a better question would be, “is being vegan hard?”. I can confidently say “no”. Being vegan isn’t hard.


For me personally, converting to a plant diet/eliminating meat and dairy, is not something that’s truly difficult if you start by doing a little bit of research. Im not talking about anything too crazy here, just a quick search on vegan meals and vegan recipes can lead you into feeling a lot more comfortable with veganism. Discovering and delving into different foods and deserts that you’re exited to try can keep your journey as a vegan upbeat and fun. Also, looking into why people decide to stop consuming animal products, can give you a great deal of motivation to get you started on a vegan journey.

Im not going to lie to you right now and tell you that being vegan is “easy”. There are lots of inconveniences. But its more about understanding that the inconveniences are a part of a bigger picture. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of people will give themselves lame excuses as to why they can’t be vegan like, “I like cheese too much”or, “I can’t stop eating bacon”. If you’re one of these people, don’t panic. There are tons of healthy vegan alternatives to any food you will want. But, thats besides the point – one of the most important things about being vegan is telling yourself CAN do it. You ARE strong enough.

“one of the most important things about being vegan is telling yourself CAN do it. You ARE strong enough.”

Is being vegan easy? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. But being vegan is about happiness and respect for yourself and all beings on the planet. So don’t worry, its totally worth it.


featured cover photo courtesy of Amir Weiss photography @gambitaw .


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