What do vegans really eat?

Ironically, one of the most misunderstood things about what it means to be vegan is also one of the most important elements to veganism.


Unfortunately, when most people assume that they know what vegans eat on the regular basis, most of the time they’re wrong. Vegans make the decision to not eat anything with ingredients created from an animal. This means the flesh, milk, eggs, hooves, horns,blood as well as bones and honey are off the menu. Im not going to lie to you, this eliminates the possibility of eating A LOT of foods you may already be used to. You would be surprised as to how many things contain unnecessary animal products.


But, the beauty of it all is that eliminating animal based products from your diet opens up so many amazing food options out there that vegans can eat. You just have to be open minded. To be completely honest, Ive eaten the best food of my life being vegan (no knock to my mothers cooking). Ive been exposed to so many new foods and tried so many new dishes that I can barely keep track of it all. Vegans eat all sorts of fruits, vegetables, pastas, burgers, cakes and deserts. Guys its 2017, and very easy to get anything meat free these days. Sure, it might not be as convenient. But when you’re eating delicious food that an innocent animal didn’t have to die for, its worth it.

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