Top 5 things I enjoy about being vegan (so far)

A lot of people don’t realize it, but the fact of the matter is being vegan is so much more than just a diet. Being vegan (simply put) means choosing to not use or support anything taken from an animal. Now, theres many reasons why one might choose to cut animal products from their food (and I’ll go about explaining some of those reasons in a later post down the road), but today Im going to talk to you about how making the decision to go vegan has improved my life for the better so far. These 5 reasons are personal and unique to me, and Im sure if you ask other people that are vegan why they made the choice to stop eating animal products, they will tell you different reasons that are entirely personal them. There are many benefits to being vegan outside of the ones that may be obvious to you. Here are the top five things I enjoy about being vegan.

#1 : Having a more personal relationship with food! 

The truth is, I don’t eat out as much as I did when I wasn’t vegan. I still have my few go-to restaurants where I can order a delicious ‘animal free’ meal. Nevertheless, Ide rather avoid the sometimes painful process of sifting through all the non vegan items on the menu. So to make it easier on myself I choose to cook at home the majority of the time, and that has been an amazing experiene. Life can be hectic as hell, I get that, but in all the white-noise hustle and bustle, I believe that most of us have sacrificed an intimate connection with food for a quick and easy meal. But who has the time to set aside in their busy day to cook a meal when you could just go for a fast food fix? Trust me on this one; taking control of your day if for just an hour to cook and prepare a meal for yourself can add another level of enjoyment to your life. If you don’t know how to cook, going vegan can be a great reason for you to start experimenting in the kitchen.

#2 : Being vegan helps my creativity.

Have you seen the vegan community lately? If you’ve ever walked into a vegan restaurant or an artsy coffee shop you know what I’m talking about. From my experience, Vegan hangout spots around town are some of the most artsy, abstract, and diverse uses of community spaces that I’ve ever seen. Lets face it, eliminating animal products from your meals forces you to be more creative with your food just so you don’t end up eating salads for the rest of your life. Have you ever made a burger patty out of chickpeas?

#3 : Being vegan helps me stay the weight I enjoy most.

Before I became vegan or even vegetarian, I struggled with keeping my weight in check. I could cut calories and work out and the extra pounds would melt off, and then I would put them right back on a few months later courtesy of my ultimately unhealthy lifestyle. Look, anyone can lose weight by staving themselves and working out 4 or 5 times a week. The problem with that is that it’s just not sustainable for most people. In other words, It’s difficult keeping the pounds off when you only decide to eat healthy for a month because your favorite jacket starts feeling a little smaller than usual. In order to maintain a healthy weight all year round, stop dieting and start working on your lifestyle choices.

Don’t get me wrong here, I didn’t become a vegan because I wanted to lose weight. There were many other reasons for me to stop eating animal products. But I discovered that it is much easier for me to maintain a healthy weight that I am happy and comfortable with because I cut out the meat and dairy products. I guess you can say it’s one of the many added bonuses for eating plant based foods.

#4 : I feel less bogged down.

Animal flesh, milk and cheese is much denser than fruits and vegetables. Therefore it requires more energy for us to fully digest. Typically, these products will linger in our body’s longer than what is neessesary, resulting in that ‘heavy’ or ‘tired’ feeling experienced after a meal. Eating meals consisting of healthy plants allows your body to digest your food quickly and much more easily, making you feel less full but completely nourished and ready to go.

#5 : Being vegan makes me happier!

An innocent living being did not have to be exploited or killed so that I could enjoy my meals today. Knowing that makes me very happy.

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